Cost-effective freight transport by rail to or from the Far East

For freight transports to and from China, it is worth considering the train transport via the famous Silk Road. We bring your cargo safely onto the track.

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The perfect logistics solution for your freight

Europe is directly connected to China via the Silk Road. Due to the dangers and the high travel time, the route is not feasible by truck without logistical effort and is therefore uneconomical.

Sea freight as an option is often 4-6 weeks on the way until it reaches its destination in China. In the case of time-critical cargo, the duration of the journey is problematic. And if you opt for air freight, you will bear significantly higher transport costs for a very limited freight volume.

Here, rail freight offers you a cheaper alternative compared to air freight and faster than sea freight. In no more than 3 weeks, your cargo will reach its destination and will be safe and protected throughout the transport.

We would be pleased to advise you in detail on the rail transport of your cargo to and from the Far East and develop a transparent and flexible transport solution for your needs.

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Talk to us and get your flexible transport solution for rail freight to China.

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